Edward Myers Scholarship

Temple University

The Edward Myers Memorial Scholarship, established by Dr. Fatima Abdul Johnson, is a cornerstone of Temple University’s Pan African Community Education Program. This scholarship has enabled numerous students to access transformative educational experiences through the course STRIVE, The Psychology of Recover taught by Dr. Johnson on the main campus.

Course Overview: STRIVE, The Psychology of Recovery

STRIVE, The Psychology of Recovery delves into the interplay of Philosophy and Metaphysics to tackle psychological disharmony affecting individuals from diverse lifestyles. The course examines the underlying causes of addiction and employs both evidence-based and practice-based holistic wellness methodologies as core educational tools.

Engaging and Interactive Learning Experience

Each class session is designed to maximize student engagement and begins with an icebreaker to foster a conducive learning environment. This is followed by in-depth lectures, which are complemented by interactive activities that help students process and apply the lecture material practically.


Upon successful completion of the course, participants are awarded a certificate from Temple University, acknowledging their understanding and application of the course concepts.